Vanessa Brown

Featured Contributor of the Month – JANUARY

Mummy on a Mission from New South Wales

I am the mum of two young boys and was previously a full-time primary school teacher. However, I always struggled to find the balance between full-time work and being a mum.  I hated missing out on so much time with my son. Then, after having my second child, my two boys were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, a deteriorating muscle disease that currently has no cure. This completely changed my life. I decided I couldn’t miss out on any more precious time with my kids. Now, as a Mummy on a Mission, I am able to prioritise my family without impacting my ability to contribute to our finances and I love helping other mums to do the same.

Tara McKay

Featured Contributor of the Month – DECEMBER

Mummy on a Mission from New South Wales

I’m a mum of five (still getting used to the fact that it’s five) children, three girls 18, 16 and 9 and twin two year old boys.  I am am super excited to be able to share my journey with you all through this site. I started my health journey when my two youngest daughters were diagnosed with Tourette’s and I began a search for an alternative treatment (which we have managed to do successfully). I am continually amazed at the differences you can make to your life by choosing the right foods and by spending time on personal development.  Through our Mission I am looking forward to seeing so many people, including myself, be able to reach their full potential in a happy, healthy environment.

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